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Remote Filing


Gateway chb, Ltd. is a well-respected independent Customs Broker in Denver, Colorado, with an experienced staff that excels in offering dependable and knowledgeable customer service. Gateway has been in business since 1989, having gone through two name changes. We are able to assist in educating our clients with the most up to date Customs & Border Protection laws and requirements as well as a better understanding of International Traffic. Our customers are our business and we know the importance of treating our clients with the respect and priority they deserve. We also offer remote filing which enables us to assist with entry clearances in other customs processing ports across the nation.


Licensed brokers now do far more than fill out forms. We must monitor a continuous information flow, understand the ramifications of all decisions and anticipate problems to avoid penalties to you as well as assist in avoiding delays in the movement of your cargo. As a benefit of being an independent Customs Broker, we can focus on specific customs requirements to keep importers in compliance. Governmental import specialists and auditors are reviewing more and more accounts every year to ensure compliance in all areas of import documentation. When errors are found the fines and penalties can be costly and time consuming. This responsibility lies with the importer. This is why it is vital to choose a broker that is actively interested and involved with your business. We become an extension of your office. Whether you are an importer or a freight forwarder, our detailed support team is here to assist with tracking and tracing of incoming shipments and keeping you informed on the specific status of your cargo. This provides importers the flexibility to use a Freight Forwarder that can offer the highest quality service and rates for their transportation needs, yet gives freight forwarders the flexibility to have a dependable, non-competitive agent in locations where they may not have a local office.


Gateway chb, Ltd. personnel can offer specific information on money saving plans for volume incentives and other discounts. Please call or email for a personalized consultation and quotation.